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adjective war·bly \-b(ə)lē\

Definition of WARBLY

:  marked by warbling :  quavery <hoarse tuneless and warbly voices — Peggy Bennett>
  • Rare: Warbly is a real, dictionary word.
  • Short: It’s only six letters long. Short names rank higher.
  • Aged: Ten years old. A full decade’s worth of SEO benefit.
  • Catchy: It’s memorable, unique, and highly brandable.
  • Dot-com: As a dot-com name, it’s recognizable and conveys trust.

We have been and still are considering developing this domain out ourselves. The offer page is here in the meantime because of the obvious value of the domain. The name is open-ended but brings to mind anything in the music or tech sector, from software to e-commerce. Real words as dot-coms are rare, especially short ones, and grow exponentially more valuable with time. We are now hearing serious offers mindful of the above, and may be willing to sell to the right end user.

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